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A little more inspiration for the week…

I am feeling gung ho this week….got to make things happen….




Monday Morning

… a late start to our Monday…. words to keep in mind this week as I start laying down the foundation for a new beginning….

Let’s Save Africa

This video is a must watch!

I have been fortunate to travel and work in Africa. Most of my work has been on community development type projects for the private sector. This video looks at stereotypes of aid in Africa, and how silly they can be.

Synopsis: When top charities need an African child for ads they call Michael – he’s the best.

Take a look:

 Agency:  iKind Productions

This video and 9 others can be found on the TED Blog:  Ads Worth Spreading: 10 great ads from 2014 that communicate ideas

Happy International Women’s Day

When I travel for work I am given the opportunity to meet extraordinary people. The strength and resilience of these everyday people inspires me and keeps me focused on my desire to contribute.

P1020851 (2)


Top photo: I took this photo in the DRC while conducting a social impact assessment for a mining project. Bottom photo: Taken in Tanzania, me with local women after a consultation.