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Tips for Entrepreneurs…

I am in the midst of developing a prototype for a social enterprise I hope to launch in the spring. I am in the very beginning stages, but so very excited, and scared, and nervous, and then again excited. I hope to reveal more details as we firm up our ideas and processes. In the meantime I am always on the look out for tips and stories that provide me with a bit of insight.

I found this article and thought it may be useful for other budding entrepreneurs:  In An Era of Opportunity, Five Tips For Modern Entrepreneurs


Innovation Changing the World

Lima, the capital of Peru, is apparently the second largest capital city in the world to be located in the desert. The amount of rainfall in the area is close to zero, however atmospheric humidity is incredibly high.

Access to potable water is limited.

An innovative advertising technique was born Рa billboard that converts humid air into drinking water.

Pretty rad, take a look!