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When I met you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew

I have now been a mother for just over a year, and I fall more and more in love with this lovely person each day I spend with him.


* The title is a quote by William Shakespeare.


Happy International Women’s Day

When I travel for work I am given the opportunity to meet extraordinary people. The strength and resilience of these everyday people inspires me and keeps me focused on my desire to contribute.

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Top photo: I took this photo in the DRC while conducting a social impact assessment for a mining project. Bottom photo: Taken in Tanzania, me with local women after a consultation.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I was a painfully shy child, always the outsider wanting desperately to blend into the crowd. My dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin made it difficult. I was told I was “too dark” by Indian Aunts and Uncles. As a child, an immigrant in Canada, I was also often the only dark skinned person in my class.

One of the many things I wished I could change about myself was my name….oh how I hated my name. Why couldn’t my name be Sara? S..A..R..A, such a pretty name – only four letters, and easy to pronounce.

When I saw this speech by Lupita Nyong’o (, I was reminded of my own struggles with beauty. I am grateful that our understanding of beauty has evolved considerably over the years, but we still have a ways to go. I have come to realize that beauty really does radiate from inside, nurture the spirit and we flourish and shine.

About Happiness

I recently read Shawn Achor’s “Before Happiness” and the “Happiness Advantage”, I found both books provided insightful and helpful tips. One that I have been trying to practice daily is gratitude. I fall into the “not good enough” trap very easily, forgetting too quickly all the great things in my life. Before I go to bed I think back to the last 24 hours and identify three things that I am grateful for. I have been doing this for about month and it really has affected my mood for the better. So tonight before I go to bed I write this post and the three things that I am grateful for today:

1. Morning naps with Niko – I look at this picture and remember this morning at about 9am when we were napping – I am so very grateful to have this time with my son.


2. “Family Day” Holiday in Canada. We went to a local cafe for brunch, and then spent the afternoon watching a movie on our laptop and playing with Niko. A lovely lazy day with my two guys.


3. I had a great spin class! Spinning – have you tried it? It gives me the burst of energy I need to take me to the end of my day. I was able to take a class yesterday – it has been hard to fit in classes regularly, grateful when I can.

Link to Shawn Achor and his work on Happiness, this link also provides the clip from his TEDx lecture:

A related link:

Changing How We Portray Women and Girls

This is fantastic!

“Getty Images launched the “Lean In Collection” Monday in partnership with, featuring more than 2,500 photos of female leadership in contemporary work and life…”

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