dealing with diaper rash

My son had a horrible diaper rash when he was about 3 months old, I took him to our pediatrician who recommended an antibiotic and zincofax. I am still undecided on antibiotics, however would like to reserve use for major issues, I used the zincofax however it left a red patches on my son’s skin. After more searching and conversations with a number of mommy friends I decided to air dry my son’s bum after ever diaper change, I also stopped using wipes and switched to water and flannel cloth for wiping. I found a great natural nappy ointment at an organic grocer which is now the only diaper ointment/cream/lotion we use – Butterfly Weed Herbals Herbal Hug Nappy Rash Ointment. The diaper rash – gone within 5 days, since that episode when at home we wipe with water and a flannel cloth and then rub on the ointment – no diaper rash since, its been almost 9 months!


* I bought the spray bottle at a general store, sterilized it and fill it with water.


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